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Howard Stern blows into the Windy City

In America's Got Talent, Celebrities on May 7, 2013 at 4:33 pm

Howard Stern landed in Chicago this afternoon to judge the first round of the city’s local contestants for the new season of “America’s Got Talent”.

Beth Stern tweeted this photo of Howard Stern at his hotel in Chicago on May 7, 2013.

Beth Stern tweeted this photo of Howard Stern at his hotel in Chicago on May 7, 2013.

Howard Stern will be judging Chicago contestants on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at this week. Chicago is the last stop on the “AGT” preliminary auditions tour.

If you’re in Chicago, you can get tickets to the live tapings of “America’s Got Talent” here: http://on-camera-audiences.com/shows/Americas_Got_Talent

As of Tuesday, May 7th, there were still tickets available for all three taping dates on May 8-10.

And if you happen to swing by a Chicago “AGT” taping and find that you’re blood sugar is a little low, just hit up Howie for some specialized chocolates left at his hotel room as a welcome present. He tweeted a picture of them below:

chicaco chocolates


  1. Stern who is the hot blonde next to you in the pic next to the chocolate ? Not chocolates and 1 lousy dried up cookie? That’s the best they can set you up with? Tell the hotel in the Windy City to blow over to Gadivas and have some custom chocolates created for you!! Stern , bro, dude are you slipping? Hire me ill make sure your one squared away camper!! Or tell that fat bald headed hat wearing Benji to make these arrangements for you!! He doesn’t do jack shit and his gold digger girl is driving him insane! With her no talent so called music and if u want to call it a band!! She is going to dump Benji for any shot to advance her career!! You will see! What girlfriend fiancé or future wife tells her man to wear a hat all the time? Because she doesn’t like her man the way he is!! Far bald and creepy looking.. What’s up with benji’s girlfriend? Why don’t you say something to her? You know when she dumps Benji his heart will be broke for life! Listen to the earlier tapes of her.. Talking about baldy!! The very 1st ones… She is using him so she can get to you Stern!! I see you know the deal and have her music blocked everywhere!! Nice move !

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