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Video: Joey Boots Booey Bombs Local News, Gets Called a ‘F—ing A–hole’

In Baba Booey, Howard Stern, Howard Stern Show pranks, Joey Boots, The Wack Pack, Video on March 18, 2014 at 6:47 pm
What's so awful about celebrating Howard Stern's penis on TV?

What’s so awful about celebrating Howard Stern’s penis on TV?

Joey Boots has struck again, and this time it’s pure gold. The Howard Stern Show Wack Packer crashed a local NYC news report in classic fashion last week, screaming his long held mantra: “Baba Booey! Baba Booey! Howard Stern’s penis!” while ABC 7 reporter Kimberly Richardson was live on air. TMZ captured not only the broadcast footage, but Boots’s awkward/hilarious confrontation after the Booey Bomb when the cameraman on the job appeared less than amused by the stunt. Check out the TMZ video here

Boots was later ticketed by police for disorderly conduct.

Check out the raw video here:


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